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About  One Two Three  (2008)

One Two Three is a comedy thriller of three men from various parts of India, each having his own characterization and identity. It basically revolves around these very three men who share a common name "LAXMI NARAYAN" due to which various confusions start and the basic plot of the film is established. The story starts with the introduction of the three main characters Laxmi Narayan 1, 2 and 3. wherein LAXMI NARAYAN 1 being played by TUSHAR KAPOOR is a young an aspiring emotional shooter from underworld whose only aim is to fulfill his mother's dreams of becoming the most popular don. LAXMI NARAYAN 2 being played by SUNIEL SHETTY is an automobile salesman from Mumbai whose only aim in life is to keep his boss happy and in course of which he becomes a confused and annoying character. He has two rules in his life Rule # 1:- Boss is always right. Rule # 2:- If boss is wrong, follow the rule # 1. LAXMI NARAYAN 3 being played by PARESH RAWAL is a rich but poor man who is

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