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Khali (Dalip Singh Rana) Biography

About Khali (Dalip Singh Rana)

The biography of The Great Khali (Real Name: Dalip Singh Rana) can be summarized as two sides of a single coin, where the past and future differs heavenly. On the past side we can see The Great Khali as an ordinary man, working in the road side as a stone cutter and thus struggling to survive and on the other side he turns to a legendary wrestler, film actor, power lifter and winner of Mr India in the year 1995 and 1996. The entire journey of The Great Khali from the past destinations to the present destinations overcomes many hurdles, at some moment time was against him and sometimes he was against the race. He was very famous in his village for his huge physique and has a number of close friends. But still his only source of living was depended on daily wages. The Great Khali was very spiritual from his childhood and he regularly visits religious places in order to get inner satisfaction. From his teenage he wanted to become a Pahalwan (Practitioner of Pahalwani).

The time was changing for The Great Khali, one day he wake up in the morning and as usual finished his dairy chores and moved to cut stones across the road side. The same day the Deputy Superintendent of Police of the locals was passing by, he saw the mighty power of Dapil Singh Rana when lifted a heavily weighted stone and move that to another location, the cops didn't believed what they saw. The strength of Khali was like wild lion, who was hungry for opportunities. This was the very moment when the Life of Mr Rana changed; the Deputy Superintendent of Police recognized his caliber and offered him to join the Punjab State Police. As a police officer Khali was very famous, for his achievement, credits, respect he brought to his department. But Khali was not satisfied with that because his aim was to bring glory to the entire nation. He told his guru that he want to become a Legend, a inspiration for other youths for developing highly strong  physique and inner strength, so that they will not get addicted themselves towards bad habits like laziness, alcohols, drugs and erotic pleasures. Therefore he started working towards learning the skills of wrestling, because only huge body without skills is just like a car without engine. Dalip Singh Rana was a very hard working man, and at one point of time he almost worked 18 hours a day towards achieving his ambition. Some extra facilities and relaxation were given to him by the department.

Later on he moved across borders to learn modern art of professional wrestling. In fact those days graduating from a university like Harvard also doesn't provide 100% placement guarantee. But still then Khali decided to take the risk and joined a small wrestling school named 'All Pro wrestling boot camp' (APW is a independent professional wrestling promotion based in California) and started learning various types of slams and techniques which were useful to dominate the opponents. There was a very funny incident occurred with him that goes like this 'due to his mighty power, no skill or technique of his opponents where able to capture him, he devastated then entire army of his fellow students almost bare handedly and even the masters were astonished with his qualities'. In the year of 1996 he entered the arena of All Pro Wrestling in the United States of America and become one of the neighborhood guys in America under the name of Giant Singh. Where He contended and defeated many legendary wrestlers in All Pro Wrestling. For his first match he teamed up with Tony Jones against the west side playaza.

After completing his training in APW, California, Khali moved to NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling). During august 2001 the Giant Singh entered the new stage by Masahiro Chono along with Giant Silva thus making one of the tallest tag team partners in the history of NJPW with a great height of more than 7.2" and combined weight of 805 lbs. This combination was named as top seven. In one of the most significant match both the giant defeated 4 wrestlers against them during a handicraft match at Tokyo Dome.

Up next comes his journey towards the glamour of world wrestling entertainment (WWE). During the end of 2005 the management of the WWE were planning to spread there company influence in Japan and therefore many high executive of WWE visited Japan for the implementation of the plans. When they saw the colossus Giant Singh they were quite eager to take him with them to America. It was the happiest moment for Mr Singh when he was offered to sign a contract with WWE .Dalip Singh Rana named as Giant Singh by the Japanese was again renamed as "The Great Khali" by the Americans." In the month of January 2006 he joined the company and was enrolled in pro wrestling school named 'Deep south wrestling developmental territory with Daivari' for warm-up and practice. In India 'The Undertaker' is considered as the greatest Wrestler alive in the planet and even the whole world respect him as a wrestling God. Therefore when Great Khali was asked by to higher authorities about his opponent for his first match, he pronounced the named of the "The Undertaker". Taking the named of The Death Man was not a small things, it was a strong determination and decision that changed the ancient myths of Wrestling. On the next weekly smack down event during 7th April 2006 he enters the stage and attacked the Phenom and left him rest in peace with broken bones and un-set jaws. He continuously defeated and manhandled the Taker for many times during the Pay-Per-View events. He is also considered as the Father of the Punjabi Prison match in the history of WWE .Because 'The Great Khali' challenged the Undertaker for a very different kind of match named as the Punjabi Prison. Later on he acted in many Hollywood movies like "The Longest yard" and scheduled to appear in "Get Smart"   to name a few. The legacy of "The Great Khali still .....Continued."

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