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About  Jodi Breakers  (2012)

Sid (R madhvan) : A sense of humor to die for , a brain that will challenge Chacha Chaudhary but on top of all that an impulsive nature which at sometimes runs him into deep waters and other times enables him to swim right through any kind of problems.

Sonali (Bipasha Basu) : The same sharp brain, the same un canny wit but a much sleeker package. Believes in fairy tales and happy endings. Is the literal Better Half in the pair. Can give any athlete a run for his money on the treadmill and also can kick some serious butt in the boxing ring.

Nano (Omi Vaidya) : Chota bomb Bada Explosion ... Some find him hilarious some Gross, he can make you laugh and cry with same Joke ... won''t miss any opportunity to show some love/lust to any lady who needs it... Overlook him , Overpower him but you can never OVERSHADOW him.

Madonna (Helen Ji ) : Live life Madonna Style. Big doses of affection , larger doses of serious reprimand to those who rub her close ones the wrong way .Teaches dance to senior citizens and along with that infuses life in their life.

Marc: Marc defines suave and elegant. The handsome prince of the Business world is not only rich but also has a style to die for. Loves his grandmother (Madonna) , though needs to control his anger.

Maggie : classy, a natural warm heart , believing and trusting but can strike graciously when doubted. One for the long haul - you can''t not go back to her kind of love.

'Jodi Breakers' is an up-beat modern age urban humor. The basic idea around which the story revolves is DYSFUNCTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS WHICH EVENTUALLY LEAD TO BREAK UPS.

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