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Diwali with Bollywood Stars!

Comments  Comments [ 10 ]    By Nadia M. | 05 November 2010 | 12:02am

The glorious festival of lights is around the corner, and we at would like to wish our loyal readers a very Happy Diwali!

While we're at it, there is a great surprise for all of you!

BollyCurry would like to proudly present our bigger, better, and never-before-as-star-decked list of celebrities, who humbly obliged us with their quick answers to the brief rapid fire we conducted around tinsel town.

Set of questions finalized by our interviewing team:

1. Which is the most memorable Diwali for you and why ?

2. Do you think bursting crackers during Diwali is an ideal way of celebrating it ?

3. Two of Bollywood's most anticipated movies, Action Reply and Golmaal 3 are releasing on Diwali. Which movie would you go watch?

4. A mithai you really liked during Diwali as a kid!

5. How are you planning on celebrating Diwali this year?

Over to the Bolly-folks...

Tanisha Mukherjee
1. Every diwali is memorable for me as I love being surrounded by my family
2. Bursting crackers is not the tradition. Lighting a diya is and I believe in being traditional
3. Well I like the Golmaal series so its a sure good film and loads of family fun and laughter.
4. Kalakand is my favourite mithai
5. This year I will celebrate Diwali in my new home with my sister and mother and close family and friends. Card parties and fun times!

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Bipasha Basu
1. The first Diwali I spent with my family after winning the Gladrags contest is very special to me because I knew all my dreams were going to come true.
2. I ask myself this question every year! It is a nightmare .. especially when people burst crackers late into the night .. what kind of celebration is that when you disturb little children and elderly people, when you pollute the atmosphere, scare animals, dirty the street, and encourage an industry that we all KNOW depends on child labour (it's very easy to make a sticker that says 'no child labour'). Our country is already noisy crowded and crazy with traffic and stress .. why on earth do these people want to add to that? We can't stop people from buusting crackers, but I hope we can educate and make people aware of the dangers and the "rudeness" of bursting crackers. And I would hope that the authorities would at least ensure that there is a time limit especially in residential areas.
3. Rohit shetty is a dear friend of mine after All The Best. So I will go for Golmaal.
4. I liked and still like eating Roshogollas and Chomchom.
5. Although I am busy with Dum Maaro Dum and John's case, still i will be going to Kolkata again for Diwali. Its always a fun to be with the family in the hometown!

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Meiyang Chang
1. One when I was 14 years old. I studied in a boarding school in Dehradun and spent most of my Diwali(s) there. This one year though, there was an Uttarakhand bandh and I finally got the opportunity to celebrate Diwali with family & friends at home in Dhanbad.
2. No, but then for some reason, making an insane amount of noise seems to be the only way we know of celebrating any festival. Not to mention the levels of noise, air and general pollution it creates.
3. I didn't like Golmaal 2 as much as Golmaal 1. So I think it's time for something new like Action Replayy.
4. Kaju barfi
5. I'm currently touring USA with Sunidhi Chauhan for a pre-Diwali celebration for the Indian audiences here, post which I shall be back in Mumbai, just in time to celebrate Diwali. How exactly is a question that shall be answered once I'm back

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Bhagyashree Dassani
1. Diwali 5years ago, when we shifted into our new house. Our dream house, a big step for us.
2. Noiseless crackers are a lovely sight to behold though they do cause a lot of pollution. Therefore anything in moderation is fine.
3. Actually neither...Diwali for me is family time...away from movies.
4. Besan ke ladoo....I still do...the way my mom makes them.
5. Diwali has always been a family affair with puja and then the whole family (about 20 of us) having dinner together, and bursting crackers with the kids.

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Chitrashi Rawat
1. My most memorable Diwali was in 2008, my last Diwali celebration with the entire family in my hometown Dehradun. And it was around my birthday time so we had like a really big celebration. My extended family also came down to meet me...it was more like a big family affair.So much of love & affection I got from my family. That was a best Diwali I had.
2. No I'm totally against it and have always been. When I was a little kid I also did enjoy it but soon I realized Diwali is just not about bursting crackers, its much more than that. For me it was being with my family and decorating my whole house with beautiful lights. Its been like 14years we've not bought crackers and never will. So much of noise pollution it just spoils the environment. I just don't understand how people enjoy those noisy crackers.
3. I would go for Golmaal 3.
4. Oh there was so many. I always had a sweet tooth. But if i have to name one it has to be 'Rasgula' even its still my favorite.
5. So far I've no plans as such. I would really like to go back to my hometown celebrate with my family and friends but lets see if work allows me. Actually I've just gotten back from my big vacation so might end up working.
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Omi Vaidya
1. Every Diwali is memorable for me. Because I find a way to spend time with family and eat yummy food.
2. As a child, I would live for the moment to release fire crackers. Small, big, loud, or colourful, it didn't matter, but now I leave it to the kids to light them and I watch from afar.
3. I am more looking forward to Golmaal 3 because the promo for my film, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji will be premiering before the film. But I feel Golmaal 3 and Action Replayy will both be enjoyable for audiences to watch.
4. A secret about me is I don't like sweets. I could do without sugary snacks. It's spicy and fried for me. So I usually only eat bhagwan's offering of sweets and move on to the fried pakoras!
5. It looks like another Diwali will be spent  on location shooting for a film, this time it's Abbas Mastan's Italian Job. But in my house we will be celebrating Diwali early so we can all get together, eat, guppa(talk), and masti!

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Neeru Bajwa
1) The most memorable Diwali was the last one I spent with my whole family, which was 5years ago. But this year I am going to be at the Golden Temple, so I'm very excited about that.
2) Honestly I don't enjoy bursting crackers, or seeing them being burst or listening to them. Its noise pollution and not environment friendly. Pollution levels hit the roof.
3)They both look very colorful and full of entertainment.
4) Khoya barfi -  I could eat it all day long!
 5) I am shooting in Punjab from the 6th so will be in Amritsar at the Golden Temple to say thank you God for blessing me with such a beautiful life.

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Be sure to reach back to us with your own answers to our rapid fire, as well as your reaction to those from the celebrities!

And once again, here's wishing you a bright, colorful and safe Dipavali!

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