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About  Detective Naani  (2009)

A normal day... A little face ...A string of clues ... A mysterious
case ...It's a regular day at Gulmohar Complex. Spunky, independent, 75
year old Naani is on her way back home from her daily morning walk.
Suddenly her eye catches the face of a little girl peeping nervously
from a 3rd floor window. The flat belongs to a newly arrived childless
couple. The girl hides away quickly. Naani's intrigue about the little
girl leads her to a possible murder. Naani finds herself in the middle
of a mystery where some people will come to her aid, some will be
indifferent and some will prove to be dangerous.When the CID dismisses
Naani's story due to lack of hard evidence, she transforms into a
detective. She uses her home-spun common-sense and logic and she
carries out her investigation in classic "whodunit" style. Of course,
Naani's rather eccentric methods of investigation lead to many quirky
and humorous incidents. Her unusual team of deputies comprise of her 2
inquisitive little grandchildren, her divorced daughter and a couple of
teenagers.The search for one lost little girl leads Naani & Co. to
a racket where the stakes are high, the criminals are ruthless, and
their leader is powerful. Once Naani gets too close to their trail, she
endangers herself. She finds herself sharing the same plight as the
little girl she had seen in the window. Naani's team of amateur
detectives get together and finally win the day with a little help from
the CID.At the heart of this story is the terrified, kidnapped little
girl. Her plight acts as a reminder to the audience that Naani's
mission is a race against time. And yet, this adventure has a positive
effect on all the characters that get involved. Bridges are built,
relationships blossom, lessons are learnt. The two squabbling teenagers
fall in love, there is a whiff of a romance between Naani's divorced
daughter and the dashing CID Inspector. Old Mr. Pal finds a renewed
energy and interest in life. and of course, a lost 4-year-old little
girl is finally re-united with her mother.This film has all the
ingredients of an entertainer - humour, suspense, emotion and a bit of
insight. Detective Naani is a film that will leave the audience feeling