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About  Police Force  (2004)

K.B Picture productions POLICE FORCE ? AN INSIDE STORY (previously titled VIDROH) is based on a book written by IPS officer Y.P. Singh titled Carnage By Angels. <br><br>

The movie brings out the internal conflicts within the police force in a realistic manner.<br><br>

Written and directed by Dilip Shukla, the film stars Akshay Kumar as the main protagonist who plays an under trainee police cadet. He is not projected as a super-cop but as a middle class man coming from a small town. He gets sucked in a system where corrupt politicians crush down the dreams of the common man for their own benefits. <br><br>

Raj Babbar plays the politician who subverts the political system at his will. Mohan Joshi plays a senior officer who runs illegal operations for the politicians from inside the department. Amrish Puri plays another senior officer who is an honest cop and trains his cadets with dedication. Akshay Kumar is one of his disciples. Akshay gets trapped in Mohan Joshi's malicious plans and at this time Amrish Puri comes to his rescue.<br><br>

The Amrish Puri ? Mohan Joshi confrontation forms the major highlight of the film. <br><br>

Raveena Tandon plays Akshay's love interest in the movie. Alok Nath plays her father who also is a senior official and has to decide between helping his future son-in-law and keeping the law. <br><br>

The film has music by Anand Milind, lyrics by Sameer and is slated for a year end release.