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Kajol gives insights for her new installment!

Comments  Comments [ 0 ]    By Shreejit Shelar | 07 October 2018 | 9:00pm

After a long time you have made a comeback, how was your experience?

So if you want to do a film, only do it because you've like the script and you want to work, and you are 100% convinced that you want to do this film as you will be spending 100-150 days so when you have to make sure you work with good people you have a good script to work on and you can do something amazing with it!

Are you a helicopter parent?

Am I a helicopter parent (Scoffing) I'm definitely a helicopter parent yet I won't say a helicopter but I'm more like a dron, but to a certain extent. I definitely believe is if you want to be a parent, you have to trust your kids, now the world has changed and now the kids are being exposed to the new information and knowledge and so many new things, that you cant keep a tab on everything. No matter how hard you try to be a helicopter or a helicopter parent you can't always keep an eye on everything. If you want to be a balanced parent you have to have faith in what you've taught your kids, how they grasp it and how it will help them take their decisions in life!


Did you relate to the character easily?

Eela is a character that everybody can relate, when you see the character on the screen you can relate either I am like her, I can be like her, or this has already happened with me. It's not something that is an alien situation, she is very relatable because of that. So I would like to say that the personal decisions I have made in life is completely personal and Eela is a completely fictional character. We have a lot of women like that who have given up their careers and considered it and have not been able to get back to it! Out of the fact that they are stuck in a rut and that rut is such a comfortable place and a happy place that you don't want to get out of it! Maybe a fact that some of them feel that they are a bit scared of wanting to try something that they wanted to try when they were a bit younger and the invincibility of youth but most of the times what we are to find something that makes you happy to find something that is yours and that is what your son tries to do! So the trailer also has a specific line which says, "tum bas meri maa banke reh gai ho Vo eela kaha hay jo gaati thi, Jo music videos banati thi, jo apne liye karti thi vo eela kaha hay" she gets lost with it tum kiski baat kar rahi ho? Vo toh meri Zindagi hay toh agar meri yeh zindagi hai toh aur kya ho sakta hay zindagi mai, it is that fact you know you have lost your personality that you know how to find it back for yourself how to stand up for yourself and find it for yourself! And the story also has a number of fights it also has drama, but the fact is that as a single-parent that the child is also in a way mother's best friend. And somewhere or the other there you feel that since I have the best my mother also should have the best, and its best to make her own life without me also she should have the best for herself she should have her own existence. So that's what we are trying to say through the film.

What are the things that you learned from the film?

So I've learned quite a number of things, 1- never check your children's phone I really really want to check them, but I've controlled myself not to do that and this would be going over the line! 2- making friends with Nyssa's friends! So there are so many of her friends that I've used my stardom in all possible ways that I become best friends with all of them

The way your mom was with you are you trying to be the same as your kids?

Yes I'm trying to I'm totally trying to my mother was very much what she practiced what she preached, so whatever I've been taught I've been taught practically, so whatever has been taught to you it always stays with you! It also becomes easy to act for you. It is possible it's not something impossible. I try, I try to be as brave as I can be, as big as her, there are some areas that I still don't succeed, and the world today has changed so much, that you also have to change your parenting style and that is an undividable conclusion.         

When it comes to Nyssa it is completely her decision whether to join Bollywood or not to that is completely her decision, I won't even suggest her that you should do this and do that it should be her decision alone, there are so many options available. You can do anything you can specialize in anything. I always tell her you should work for yourself and earn your own money. Spend your own money because it is very different to spend your own money and spending others money. If you buy Prada with your own money then the feel of that Prada is very different than what you might get from others money.

Who is the good cop and bad cop in the house?

I'm definitely the bad cop in the house, Ya no too ways about it "agar lamp-post hota gharpe toh utha leti since Nahi haysince I don't have a lamp-post I just raise my voice" there have been very good instances that I've won the fights.

What have you learned from the staunch female figures in your family?

The one thing that I've learned from them is that women cannot be empowered by anyone else besides themselves when we talk about women empowerment outside on this scale and we try to talk apart from that we need to talk about that at all. We need not stand there, I believe if you believe in yourself that is the best empowerment that one can achieve. 

When I leave for work hopefully my son will realize that women are like this and women are capable of this, most importantly and that is normal. So if you want to talk about women empowerment I feel a woman should get down teach her son to expect better from the women around him, that's how women empowerment will happen, as mothers we have the power to change the world because we are mothers, we are taking care of the next generations.

Right from Bekhudi to your current stage, you've improved yourself from your last comeback today there is an immense change and improvement in your looks what would you like to say about it?

I thing it is very necessary to like your own-self when you stand in front of the mirror. And you should look at yourself more kindly and we don't need to practice with anyone else, we are the best critics for our own self, we are our own judge. Sometimes people think; I am fat, I am short, I am tall, I don't have a perfect nose, but I think after nyssa was born that perspective has definitely changed. So if you feel I'm looking more beautiful than what I looked back when I was 16, and when I look myself in the mirror today I like the feel.             


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