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I was to physically assault a person as Alauddin Khilji off screen

Comments  Comments [ 0 ]    By Ami Sheth | 05 February 2018 | 3:54pm

Ranveer Singh's role as Alauddin Khilji in "Padmaavat" might have made people hated him on screen but, the actor has been earning immense love rewards all around the world for it. Well, it is said that to live and make a character alive on screen takes a lot from actor and the same has happened with this super-talented one.

As dark as you know his character is Ranveer Singh spills some beans from behind the scenes.

In an interview with an online portrayal, he talked about his character and all the efforts he took for his role and the film. The talented actor said, "I had poured so much into the character, and the last 47 days were so hard on me. For the first time, I think, I let a character go immediately, that he didn't even stay with me overnight. I conditioned myself to do that because it was such a tunnel, you know. I was building myself up to the point where I wouldn't have to do this (play Khilji) anymore. And, the minute they called wrap and we cut the cake, we all rejoiced. I was never Alauddin for even a second (after wrap-up). I can't say that for any other character. It always takes time (to let go)."

He further added, "During and between shoot days, I was shooting from 9 am to 9 pm, and after that, there used to be the hangover. Like until 4-5am in the morning, I was still reeling under what I had done. Even between shoot days, those waves of thoughts would suddenly come up and it was damn hard to snap out of it. I was constantly experiencing a character hangover to the point I thought I was losing myself to this character. And that was very scary for me."

Ranveer further revealed how this dark character took over his original personality and behaviour. He narrated an incident from the sets. "I really thought I was going crazy. I felt like I was losing my marbles. A really strange incident happened off camera, on the set. Somebody made a mistake and I turned towards that person and I was gonna attack, physically assault that person as Alauddin Khilji. I was like, 'Wait, wait, wait, a second. This is not f***ing real. This sh** is going deep down.' Because, suddenly my instinctive reaction was that of the character's and not mine."

"The thing was I had isolated myself during the shooting process as well. I was going to the set in the morning, playing Alauddin all day and then sleeping whenever I slept. And going and being Alauddin again. Doing that for enough days on end, too much of it for too long, I was suddenly generating ill-feelings, harbouring negative and evil thoughts," he said ahead.

"Once, I looked into the mirror and I had an outer body experience. I was thinking certain things, I was alone at home and I happened to walk by a mirror and there was this look on my face and I couldn't recognise myself. I had never seen my face look like that. It was really strange", said the actor.

Ranveer Singh then revealed to get out from this dark role he started making phone calls to his mom and friends to feel normal. "I thought I was going mad, and I realised it was only because I wasn't doing enough 'Ranveer things' (*winks*). So, I started calling my mum and telling her and my best friends how I am feeling. And, they started coming home after I came home from work and started spending three-four hours with me, talking. And that was helpful."


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