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Last updated: Friday, June 15, 2018 3:20:31 PM
Bollywood Film Reviews

Karthik Calling Karthik -  Movie ReviewKarthik Calling Karthik - Movie Review   14
25 February 2010

An unreal autopsy of the twisted mind

Movies.Masti.Masala ... ahead!Movies.Masti.Masala ... ahead!   4
22 February 2010

Bolly Curry now brings you a quick glimpse of what to expect in the second half of trimester-I, 2010.

Toh baat Pakki - Movie ReviewToh baat Pakki - Movie Review   6
19 February 2010

Matchmaking can end in disasters; so can film making.

Click - Movie  ReviewClick - Movie Review   4
19 February 2010

Horrible attempt at making a horror film

My name is Khan - Movie ReviewMy name is Khan - Movie Review   85
12 February 2010

Discrimination is good, but only between Right and Wrong.

Striker - Movie ReviewStriker - Movie Review   1
05 February 2010

Striker gives a new definition of one-man army...

Ishqiya - Movie ReviewIshqiya - Movie Review   6
29 January 2010

A quirky love story, unbelievably with a patriotic message!

Rann - Movie ReviewRann - Movie Review   4
28 January 2010

What has media come to? Instead of being a moral watch guard of democracy, it's become a dirty player in the game of democracy. At least ninety nine percent of media has come to this. This is what Ram Gopal Varma's latest flick tells us.

Road to Sangam  - Movie ReviewRoad to Sangam - Movie Review   4
27 January 2010

Patriotism in most of us is dormant. But at times it needs to show itself, it doesn't come easy. Road to Sangam pictures just that.

Veer - Movie ReviewVeer - Movie Review   58
23 January 2010

Veer aims to take you on a magical journey to the days of pre-independent India. And to some extent it does.

Chance Pe Dance -  Movie ReviewChance Pe Dance - Movie Review   30
16 January 2010

Chance Pe Dance is the latest offering from Bollywood begging you to have faith in yourselfof course, coupled with a lot of patience!

Pyaar Impossible -  Movie ReviewPyaar Impossible - Movie Review   27
08 January 2010

Pyaar Impossible is a film that attempts to prove that this increasingly materialistic world is just not that shallow when it comes to love

Raat Gayi Baat Gayi (Movie Review)Raat Gayi Baat Gayi (Movie Review)   4
30 December 2009

A movie with a never-seen-before take on one night stand

3 Cheers to 3 Idiots! (Movie Review)3 Cheers to 3 Idiots! (Movie Review)   69
26 December 2009

A superb comedy granted to keep you guessing all the while!

Rocket Singh- A fresh brand in the market!Rocket Singh- A fresh brand in the market!   15
12 December 2009

Rocket Singh is a film that makes you realize that a part of India's young generation is on its way to change the way the country's system works

Paa   Playful Affectionate Awesome!Paa Playful Affectionate Awesome!   21
04 December 2009

Paa, a modern-day film about inexplicable decisions we take in life



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