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10/22/2011 3:48:53 AM

Author: -purnima-

Finally cud catch soundtrack at an evening show…had to go a long drive of 20kms away from my house…it was literally "Raunak was HEAR"LOLLOLLOL as the line in film goes LOLLOLLOLWas little disappointed to see only 20-30 people in theatre along with me…Unhappy...

Coming to film… loved how it started…. Rajeev from first frame to last frame…Day Dreaming

Raunak as a character was not typical Rajeev's character which is complicated & always misunderstood…Raunak a smooth simple character…EmbarrassedEmbarrassed & after Raunak goes deaf its Rajeev all the way …. Though for namesake there are many characters in film… but its Rajeev who is carrying film on his shoulders….but 'peeta bahut tha saala" LOLLOLLOL…he has been drinking throughout ….even teaching little girl "peele scotch "ROFL

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