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About  Siddharth  (2009)

Just released from prison, Siddharth Roy (Rajat Kapoor), a once famous
writer, completes a new manuscript. He re-engages with the outside
world, hoping that the new book will restore his reputation and also
reconcile him with his estranged wife, Maya. Fate has other plans for
Roy, when his briefcase gets exchanged at a cyber caf with a similar
briefcase containing a large sum of money. Roy looses the only copy of
his new manuscript, while Mohan, the cyber caf manager, comes under
pressure from mob bosses to recover the lost money.

In the midst
of growing despair about the lost manuscript, Roy is reconciled with
his three year old son through a scheming housemaid. Unable to find
happiness in the money he has found Roy begins to desire the custody of
his son. Meanwhile the pressure mounts on Mohan as he looses his job
and is forced to go into hiding from the mob. He must find Roy and
money at any cost.

Based on the ancient text of the Rig Veda,
the film explores the theme of renunciation (of desire) as the true
path to enlightenment and freedom.