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About  Aao Wish Karein  (2009)


Mickey: Mickey was on the threshold of being a teenager. His life was like a fairy tale. He had lovely family, video games and was head over heels in love with Mitika. But there was a little problem. Mickey was 12 and Mitika was 23. It was the worst day of his life when his whole world changed. He discovered he was an orphan and in his first attempt to propose to Mitika, she called him 'a kid'. In the lowest moment of his life, he wished for a miracle - "I want to become big"... and he did.

Mitika: If Angels walked on the surface of the Earth, they would look like Mitika. The whole neighbourhood thought the same. She was simple, beautiful and down to earth. Did she know Mickey? No, but she did notice his wicked Tshirt. Then how would Mitika and Mickey ever become friends? For that she would have to believe in Fairy-tales.

Bonnie: We all have best friends and we always find excuses to like them. When you call a friend your BEST FRIEND, then it's not about how they look, dress, eat, talk or behave, it's all about trust. Mickey trusted bonnie whole heartedly and was always seeking his advice. The ever helpful Bonnie always did so, with some positive solutions to Mickey's problems and in the process witnessed Mickey's life becoming a fairy-tale.

Hitchcock: Do you think fairies and Angels exist in cyber-age? Yes, they do exist, but only if you believe in them. Hitchcock was just another ordinary clown, who kept popping in unexpected corners at unexpected times. It is said 'a guardian can always guide you, but cannot choose your path for you.' Hitchcock always throws choices at you in riddles, but it's up to you to believe, as Hitchcock always said "if you believe in fairy-tales you become a part of them."


12 year old Mickey's life was almost like a fairy tale, a beautiful family, best buddy 'Bonnie' and his angel on earth - Mitika . But one beautiful day Mickey's fairy tale shattered into million pieces. It was the day he realized he was an adopted child and his 23 year old angel Mitika called him a 'Kid'. He ran aimlessly from the harsh reality. Tired and drained of all emotions he sat all by himself until Hitchcock read his sad story from the dried up patterns of his tears.

"Bad things happen to good people, but my dear Mickey good things always follow". Hitchcock philosophized. Mickey was feeling so low that he wished for a Miracle. He wished to become big. That night he walked into his house feeling almost like a stranger, tired and drained he dozed off to sleep. To his astonishment he woke up next morning and realized that his wish had been granted. He had turned big. But was this miracle a blessing or a curse in disguise?

Will Mickey become part of his beautiful family portrait?

Will he find his true love - Mitika?

Will this fairy-tale have a happy ending?

"If you believe in fairy-tales, you become a part of it".

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