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About  Apna Sapna Money Money  (2006)

Apna Sapna Money Money revolves around a bunch of madcap characters that eat, drink, sleep and worship money. A fast-paced situational comedy, it is glorified by an ensemble of assorted and interesting characters. The story revolves around a mechanic, a conman, a club dancer, an upright cop, an obsessed father & his homely daughter, a tabela owner, a ruthless gangster, a deadly don & his moll and an unpredictable dog. A journey filled with rib-tickling moments throughout. If one runs after money, the other runs after love and the one who runs after love eventually runs after money. A hilarious journey of 11, a limitless quest for money, and a twisting and turning tale of love; the money swings around them and creates amusing and maddening circumstances. A dramatic turn evolves when all the characters starts looking for the hidden diamonds that are worth a lump-sum! Greed. Craze. Obsession. Fun. Takes over. And a madcap comedy of crime, love and complete zaniness continues.