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Road to Sangam Road to Sangam
Role: Actor

A simple story of a God fearing, devout Muslim mechanic named Hashmat Ullah (Paresh Rawal) who has been entrusted the job of repairing an ...

Ek Tho Chance Ek Tho Chance
Role: Actor

What if you have it?
What if you have it and then lose it?
What can you do to get it?
What if you never get it?
Why do u ...

Badmaash Company Badmaash Company
Role: Actor

Life in the 1990's was remarkably different for the average Indian. Consumerism had not set in. It was devoid of most of the luxuries of the ...

Bhindi Baazaar Inc Bhindi Baazaar Inc
Role: Actor

Set in the underbelly of Mumbai, between the infamous by-lanes where 'Greed is a Culture' and 'Deceit becomes a Compulsion'.

The ...

Yeh Faasley Yeh Faasley
Role: Actor

Arunima the daughter of one of the biggest builders in town has returned home after completing her studies. She is happy that she will now ...

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