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The female lead of the popular soap Millie, Mona Vasu makes her debut in this serial. She has become a household name after the popularity of the serial. She plays a very "bindaas" character who is always involved in some harmless pranks. This extremely talented actress always had the urge of acting in her. But since she was not remotely linked with the entertainment industry she did not give it a serious thought till her college days. It was during this time that she enrolled in the National school of Drama and from there began her journey towards stardom. She also joined the college dramatics team and did several plays and workshops with children. After that she did street theatre in various college festivals. Following that she did the episodic Hadsa for TV 18. After completing her graduation she moved to Mumbai and started living as a PG. She also got her portfolio clicked and distributed to the agents and coordinators. She kept on getting offers for main leads and dailies but she wanted to stay away from the humdrum mundane television. To sustain herself in the expensive city of Mumbai she did lots of commercials and endorsed many famous brands. She also took up a travel show and after that a telefilm followed for Sahara.

Mona VasuThe turning point in the career of Mona Vasu came with the serial 'Millie'. The creative head of Star Plus Shailaja Bajpai of Star Plus saw her travel show and offered her the character of Millie. At first she refused as she did not want to get into television but after two months she agreed to do the role as it would give her a platform to display her acting skills. Moreover the character was young and not the coquettish types so she took up the role and her life changed for better. Soon after she became a household name. She could also relate herself to the character as far as the body language and the look is concerned. She also sports a bindaas style but unlike the character she portrayed she is not overtly conscious of her femininity. She is also very transparent and candid like the character she portrayed. With her co-stars also she shares a great level of comfort. The genuineness of her friendship with Ajay Gehi reflects well on-screen. At present she is not looking at television, as that would stagnate her acting flair. She wants to focus on films and is open to both contemporary as well as commercial films. She was also offered a role by the Yash Raj productions but as it included an outdoor shooting, she could not go ahead as she was committed to the daily 'Millie'. But in future she is looking forward to work for a Yash Raj production. In her spare time she likes to read, watch films, water plants and go out for coffee chats with her new friends of the unit. In the years to come this talented actress is expected to appear in more meaningful roles, which will be a delight both for her and her fans.

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