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Chunky Pandey Biography

About Chunky Pandey

Chunky Pandey may not have stood out in Bollywood despite some good performances but he acquired megastar status in Bangladesh.

Chunky Pandey, whose real name is Suyush Sharad Pandey, is a Libran born on 26th September 1964 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Pandey who started his acting career in Bollywood, made it big in Bangladesh. He also owns the company Bombay Electric which handles stage shows and a health food restaurant in Mumbai.

He is married to Bhavana and they have two daughters.

1987 to 1999 Chunky Pandey's first Bollywood movie was Daraar (1987) as Anil Kapoor's friend. He was seen again as Anil Kapoor's friend in the major hit Tezaab (1988).

His movies following his success in Tezaab included Paanch Papi (1989), Zahreelay (1990) and Jeevan Daata (1991). Rajiv Rai's Vishwatma (1992) saw him with Naseeruddin Shah and Sunny Deol.

In 1993 he worked with Govinda in the comedy Aankhen which became a hit. His other movies were Teesra Kaun? (1994), Tircchi Topiwale (1998) and Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan (1999).

2000 to 2008 After Harry Baweja's Qayamat: A City Under Threat, he acted the part of Raghav in Ram Gopal Varma's D Underworld Baadshah. A major release in 2006 was Farhan Akhtar's Don in which he had a guest appearance as Teja. Fool and Final (2007) was a remake of Snatch and didn't do very well. His most recent movie was Ek The Power of One (2009).

Chunky Pandey is rumored to be part of Mira Nair's Shantaram.