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Chaitanya Chowdhury Biography

About Chaitanya Chowdhury

Chaitanya Choudhury is a popular small screen actor. His date of birth being 18th April, he is an Aries by birth. According to him the talent of acting comes naturally to him. He loves spending time with his parents. His interest in studies has inspired him to achieve a MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. If he had not taken acting as his profession, he would have worked with an advertising agency as a group account head. He has an interest in cooking and in his spare time likes to cook 'bhurji', one of his specialties. He also shares an extreme passion for cars.

Though the acting career of Chaitanya Choudhury has still not matured fully, the roles he has bagged so far, has made him carve a special niche in the hearts of his fans. In the popular tele-soap Kaahin Toh Hoga he portrayed the role of Akshat, a happy go lucky guy who is the best friend of the heroine and also falls in love with her younger sister Charu. He also turns out to be the messiah in all types of adverse situation that arises in the life of the heroine. In the very popular serial Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, he portrayed the role of the hunk named Kabir for whom Indu shared a liking. His role in this serial was a comical one and the audience would love the way the youngest girls Savari and Bavari used to help Indu at the jogging park to see him and talk to him. Then the elder most member of the Virani family, Baa finds out the real motive of the whole situation and talks about the matrimonial alliance between Kabir and Indu. Unfortunately Kabir announces that he is in love with somebody else and as because she is from a different caste, he is scared of expressing his true emotions in front of his family. Ultimately it is Indu who rejects the whole marriage proposal. Another Ekta Kapoor production, kavyanjali which used to be aired on Star Plus, saw Chaitanya Choudhury in an altogether different role. In this serial he plays the character of Vayu Kapoor who is the first son of Nitya Nanda and is all prepared to set out to take revenge from her mother because of the misdeeds committed by her. According to many, his portrayals of comic roles are better than his serious ones. But overall he is an actor with high potential and caliber.

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